Collection Development Policy and Procedures

Collection Development Policy

Policy Statement

Trexler Library is responsible for the collection and stewardship of scholarly and general interest materials which support the College's liberal arts education and lifelong learning mission. The collections are developed to serve the current students, faculty, and staff of the College Community.

The Library selects resources for its collections primarily in support of the current and anticipated curriculum of the College, and secondarily in support of current and anticipated research needs as determined by available funding.

Collection Development Procedures

Purpose of Procedures

These procedures establish guidelines for the tasks involved in carrying out the selection and stewardship responsibilities of the Library.

General Selection Criteria

In support of its mission, the Library collects and provides access to materials in a variety of formats, including but not limited to books, journals, newspapers, tapes, and digital files. The Library also acquires access to information, through direct licensing from authorized providers, by establishing connections to free resources, or by making consortial or exchange agreements with publishers, libraries, or other organizations. This document will refer to all of these resources as the Library's collections, whether they are owned, leased, borrowed, or free, and whether or not they reside physically in the Library.

In collecting these resources, the Library is also charged with the ongoing maintenance and preservation of those resources that we expect to be of long-term usefulness.

Since Trexler Library does not have sufficient resources to acquire everything published in areas pertinent to the College's programs, the Library employs the following general criteria when evaluating titles to be added or removed from the collections. Particular criteria assume greater or lesser importance depending on the type of material under consideration, the resources available, the stated acquisitions commitment level, as detailed elsewhere in these guidelines, and the subject matter covered.