Library Exhibits

Opening Luther’s Door: Lutheran Education from Wittenberg to Allentown

October 31, 2017 - April 30, 2018
Rare Books Exhibit Room, Level B, Trexler Library

In commemoration of the 500th anniversary of the Protestant Reformation, this exhibit traces the origins of Lutheranism and Lutheran education from 1517 until today, as represented in Trexler Library’s Special Collections and Archives. From the earliest printed pamphlets of Martin Luther, which proliferated thanks to the revolution created by the printing press, to the heart of what it means to be a Lutheran college today, this exhibit explores the doctrines of Lutheranism as they evolved and made their way via Henry Melchior Muhlenberg and others into the American educational system.

Detail of Luther’s Contra malignum Iohannis Eccii Iudicium, Leipzig: 1520. Bearing a presentation inscription from Martin Luther to Willibald Pirckheimer, an early supporter.

Works produced by Pietist scholars at the University of Halle, where Henry Melchior Muhlenberg was educated.