Description and Use of Faculty Studies


The faculty studies located on Trexler Library's ground floor, west side, are intended to support professional study and writing. Activities such as consulting, advising, and routine classroom preparations are not considered appropriate use of faculty studies.


Each study is approximately 80 square feet (8' x 10') and has a telephone for local calls only. The desk unit includes a sliding reference shelf and three drawers, a task light, and a shelf. Other furnishings include an adjustable armchair on casters, and an armchair. Faculty may also request a computer in the study through OIT.

The faculty studies will be assigned to an approved user for a full academic year, for the academic year and summer, or for summer use only.

Note: Any additional faculty studies which are not assigned during a given period will also be available for use by qualified faculty on a short-term basis. Inquiries concerning availability of short-term use should be directed to Tina Hertel, Library Director.

Selection Criteria

Applications for use of the faculty studies will be reviewed according to the following criteria:

Regulation for Use

Application Procedure

Application for Faculty Study

The Library Committee will issue application forms, review applications, and assign studies twice a year. Applications for Fall and Spring semester and/or Summer use will be issued to all eligible faculty members.

Should the number of eligible applicants exceed the number of studies, the Library Committee may assign persons to share a study.

All faculty are asked to check out the books that are being used in the study.