Trexler Library’s Rare Books Exhibit Room on Level B provides a space to showcase Special Collections and Archives materials. Once or twice per year, exhibits rotate, sometimes telling stories from the College’s history through archival material, and sometimes thematically highlighting treasures from our other collections.

Learning and Leadership

An exhibit celebrating Muhlenberg College Libraries, 1867-2018

October 24, 2018 - March 31, 2019 — Rare Books Exhibit Room, Level B

Muhlenberg College’s library had its origins in 1867 in one hundred volumes that were inherited from its predecessors, the Allentown Seminary and the Allentown Collegiate Institute and Military Academy. Today, it contains over 300,000 print books, over 650,000 ebooks, over 72,000 print and electronic periodicals, and access to more than 100 electronic databases. From its earliest days, the College’s library could not have grown to accommodate the needs of an evolving curriculum and expanding student body without the support of students, alumni, friends of the library and the College, and dedicated library staff.

This exhibit shares the history of the collections and the buildings that have shaped and reflected the College’s mission and growth for over 150 years. Archival material on display tells the stories of the Euterpian and Sophronian Literary Societies, shows the earliest books acquired for the College’s collections, and traces the origins of the modern library system, implemented in the late 1930s, that is the foundation of many practices that continue today. See what the John A.W. Haas Library could have looked like if the original renderings had come to fruition. And celebrate the 30th anniversary of Trexler Library with a look back at the festivities that marked its addition as a vital center of the Muhlenberg campus.

For more information about the exhibit or Muhlenberg library history, contact Susan Falciani Maldonado at susanfalciani@muhlenberg.edu or 484.664.3694.