Trexler Library Instruction Room (B-01) Policy


Muhlenberg College community (students, faculty, and staff)


The Library Instruction Room (B-01) is primarily used for course-specific research instruction by the library staff. Other uses vary at a lower priority. As an example of other uses, B-01 can be used as a student study space when classes are not being conducted. A whiteboard by the door announces any classes scheduled in the space each day. Please read the Details section to better understand this Policy and the restrictions that may apply.


Reference Librarians


The Library Instruction Room (B-01) is a multi-purpose facility that is used primarily for instructional sessions by the library staff. It contains a projection device, and a podium with a computer, a sound system, DVD Player, and a VCR. Other uses are permitted on a lower priority basis.


  • B-01 can be used in the following ways. Uses are listed in priority order:
    • Instruction by reference librarians. The highest priority is to use this facility as a training area for instructional programs of the library.
    • Open student study space. When not used in any of the above ways, this facility is available as a student space. Students must leave the facility prior to a scheduled training class. No student will be permitted to stay in the room during a training class.
    • Other occasional academic uses are permitted on a lower priority basis, especially later in the semester after the heaviest period of library instruction has passed


The Public Outreach & Information Literacy Services Department will coordinate the scheduling of this room and post a schedule for the room each morning. As noted above, there is some opportunity for faculty to use this room for teaching on an irregular basis. Faculty must contact a Reference Librarian to use B-01; staff will discuss what the faculty member needs and how best to meet those needs. The Reference Librarian will schedule the room for the faculty member after this consultation has taken place. Scheduling for faculty uses must be done at least 24 hours in advance but no more than one week in advance.

Hours of Operation

B-01 is open during the hours that the library is open.


These guidelines may be modified at any time at the discretion of the Head of Public Outreach & Information Literacy Services Department.

Reviewed 2021