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Study Spaces

Trexler Library offers comfortable, flexible spaces that allow patrons to study or use technologies according to their needs. The library is composed of three floors and a set of terraces that provide different study environments to account for patrons’ varying preferences, from individual studying to large group work. A-Level (first floor) is configured for collaborative work and speaking at conversational volumes. B-Level (second floor) has a quieter dynamic where group work can still be done, but conversations should be held at a lower volume. Group tables and individual study carrels are scattered throughout A- and B-Level. C-Level (third floor) is designated a quiet study space throughout the floor and is mainly composed of individual study carrels.

Group Study/Collaboration Rooms

Group study/collaboration rooms are also available throughout the library. In all cases, groups will be given priority usage over individuals in these group study rooms. Individual users may be asked to move to a different space when a group needs the room for study activities. Most of these group spaces are on a first-come, first-served basis, but the Collaboration Room and the One Button Studio are the exceptions. The Collaboration Room is a study space with technology designed to make group work more efficient and streamline screen sharing. The One Button Studio is a unique space created to provide user-friendly video-making equipment for all skill levels. Please see the One Button Studio or the Collaboration Room pages to reserve these spaces as needed.

Library Rooms & Reservations

In addition to Library staff being able to utilize different rooms in the building, various offices on campus also can reserve rooms. Below are descriptions of the major rooms in the building, followed by how to reserve them.

The Information Commons (IC) and The Library Instruction Room (B-01) are classrooms primarily used for library instruction sessions and are open as a study/meeting space when not reserved for classes. The IC is located beside the Periodicals Reading Lounge along the west wall on A-Level. B-01 is located beside the Rare Books Room along the northwest wall on B-Level. primarily used for course-specific research instruction by the library staff. A whiteboard by each room announces any classes scheduled in the space each day. Both are equipped with a projection device, and a podium with a computer, a sound system, DVD Player, and a VCR.

The Video-Viewing Classroom (B-02) is a space where professors schedule movie screenings in Trexler Library outside of standard class time; these can be movies owned by the library or a personal copy. B-02 is down the hall from B-01 on B-Level. It is also equipped with a projection device, and a podium with a computer, a sound system, DVD/Blu-ray Player, and a VCR. 

A-Level and C-Level both have seminar rooms by the elevator that are spaces for individual and group use. Seminar A (on A-Level)  is equipped with a TV and DVD Player and a whiteboard whereas Seminar C (on C-Level) only has a whiteboard and group study table.

The Curriculum Lab (TRXLR CRL) can be found on C-Level near the elevator. This space is reserved by the Muhlenberg Registrar for classes during the day and is available to our Education students in the evening. If a student has a class in this room, it might appear on their schedule as “TRXLR CRL”.

Fulford Room, B-01 (Library Instruction Classroom), Rare Books Room, Seminar Rooms, and the Information Commons (IC): Contact Trexler Library at 484-664-3551.

  • Only Faculty and Staff can reserve the Fulford Room, B-01, Rare Books Room, B-02, Seminar A, and the Information Commons. Students, Faculty, and Staff can reserve Seminar C.
  • Note: The Library maintains first priority in scheduling B-01 and the Information Commons in all cases. The Library may bump scheduled users from these rooms up to 72 hours before a scheduled event. For the first two months of each semester, the Information Commons and B-01 are unavailable for outside reservations due to the heavy library instruction use. Otherwise, the B-01 and Information Commons are available for open access when classes are not scheduled. Usage and scheduling exceptions will be granted at the discretion of the Library Director.

B-02 (Video-Viewing Classroom): Contact Trexler Library at 484-664-3500. Faculty may call to reserve a viewing. The date, time, and film to be viewed are required at the time of booking. If you (the instructor) are unable to attend the scheduled viewing, please inform the Library Staff of this so arrangements can be made to begin the film without you. 

  • Note: B-02 is reserved on a first-come, first-served basis.

Collaboration Room and the One Button Studio (Video Production Studio): Please visit the One Button Studio guide or the Collaboration Room page to reserve these spaces.

Curriculum Lab (TRXLR CRL): Contact Registrar's Office at 484-664-3190 or Education Department at 484-664-3298. 

  • The Curriculum Lab is scheduled by the Registrar's Office for classes during the day. The Lab remains accessible to education students when classes are not scheduled.

Centers in the Library

Trexler Library is also home to the Digital Learning Center (The Hive) and the Writing Center

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