Trexler Library Staff

Kristin Brodt

Interlibrary Loan Specialist

image of Kristin Brodt

Kelly Cannon

Scholarly Communication Librarian
Humanities and Business Subject Specialist

image of Kelly Cannon

Tom Christie

Cataloging and Metadata Librarian

image of Tom Christie

Eben Cornine

Public Services Assistant

image of Eben Cornine

Nicholas Cunningham

Public Services & Student Engagement Librarian

image of Nicholas Cunningham

Jess Denke

Outreach and Assessment Librarian
Social Sciences Subject Specialist

image of Jess Denke

Susan Falciani Maldonado

Special Collections and Archives Librarian

image of Susan Faliciani Maldonado

Sara Gareca

Public Services Assistant

image of Sara Gareca

Karen Gruber

Acquisitions and Budget Manager

image of Karen Gruber

Rachel Hamelers

Teaching and Learning Librarian

image of Rachel Hamelers

Tina Hertel


image of Tina Hertel

Lindsay Liiro

Administrative Assistant

image of Lindsay Liiro

Penny Lochner

Serials & Databases Librarian

image of Penny Lochner

Susan Minnich

Collection Resource Management Associate

image of Susan Minnich

Amanda Riegel

Public Services Assistant

image of Amanda Riegel

Gail Wotring

Archives Assistant

image of Gail Wotring

Reviewed 2022