Muhlenberg College Timeline of Visitors

Since its inception, Muhlenberg College has sought to provide its community with educational benefit even beyond the limits of its campus. Beginning with leaders of Lutheran thought in the days when the College was primarily an institution for the training of young men bound for the ministry, speakers from the neighboring region and beyond have come to share their learning and opinions with students, faculty, and staff. As the College opened its curriculum to the natural sciences in the early 20th century, and expanded to the arts and social sciences by mid-century, so too did the range of visitors expand, as artists, entertainers, political figures, and academics filled the campus with diverse thought. This timeline represents the period from 1900 into the very first years of the 21st century, and we hope to bring it up-to-date in the coming year.

This timeline was prepared by Maddux Pearson, Class of 2018, during an internship in Special Collections and Archives in the 2017-2018 academic year. His research was conducted primarily using the Muhlenberg Weekly and the Ciarla, as well as other historical College materials available in the archives. You may visit our ever-expanding collections of digitized resources here.

For more information about this timeline, Muhlenberg College history, or the resources available in Special Collections and Archives, please contact Susan Falciani Maldonado.