Room Scheduling & Usage

Various offices on campus control the scheduling of rooms in the library building as follows:

  • Fulford Room, B01 Library Instruction Room, Rare Books Room, B02 Classroom, Seminar Rooms, and the Information Commons: Contact Trexler Library at x3551.
    • Note: The Library maintains first priority in scheduling the B01 Library Instruction Room and the Information Commons in all cases. The Library may bump scheduled users from these rooms up to 72 hours before a scheduled event. For the first two months of each semester, the Information Commons and B01 Classroom are unavailable for outside reservations due to the heavy library instruction use. Otherwise, the B01 Library Instruction Room and Information Commons are available for open access when classes are not scheduled. Usage and scheduling exceptions will be granted at the discretion of the Library Director.
  • Curriculum Lab: Contact Registrar's Office at x3190 or Education Department at x3298. 
    • The curriculum lab is scheduled by Registrar's Office for classes during the day. The lab remains accessible to education students when classes are not scheduled.

Group study rooms are also available throughout the library. In all cases, groups will be given priority usage over individuals in these group study rooms. Individual users may be asked to move to a different space when a group needs the room for study activities.

Need to use the One Button Studio?

Schedule a time to use the One Button Studio.

Need to use the Collaboration Room?

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