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Trexler Library has an assortment of technology resources available that can assist with collaborative and individual work. Trexler Library staff at the Lending Services desk are happy to provide assistance with any of our technology.

Computers/Software & WiFi

Muhlenberg College’s Information Technology Policies and Procedures apply to all computers and other referenced technology equipment in Trexler Library.

Trexler Library no longer has any computer labs, but there are PC computers that can be found dispersed around the Reference Area on the A-level concourse. These computers are reserved for Muhlenberg students, staff, and faculty and therefore require a campus login. Library computers are equipped with MS Office 2016, various browsers (Google Chrome - default, Firefox, and IE), IBM SPSS, Maple, Acrobat Reader DC, Corel WinDVD, Roxio Creator, Samanage Inventory Agent, Zotero, and standard PC OS software. There are two computers available on A-level, the Quick Lookup Kiosks, for public use. These computers are intended for brief research needs and have a 20-minute time limit. 

Muhlenberg Campus has 100% wireless coverage. Patrons will have access to wireless service on any floor of Trexler Library. Current Muhlenberg students, staff, and faculty are to register their devices with the MuhlenbergWiFi network while campus visitors are to register their devices with the MulenbergGuest network. All users of the Campus Network agree to Muhlenberg College's Electronic Communication Policy.  You agree implicitly to these terms by connecting to and using either of the Campus Networks. 

Printing, Copying, & Scanning

Trexler Library offers printing, photocopying, and scanning services from several locations within the library.

Current Muhlenberg students, staff, and faculty are to use the Campus’s cloud-based printing system PaperCut. There are four PaperCut multifunctional printer units in Trexler Library: two on A-Level, one on B-Level, and one on C-Level. These printing units are also equipped with photocopying capabilities. A Muhlenberg ID/campus login is required to use these units. Visiting patrons have the option to use a coin-operated unit, located on A-Level near the Fulford Room, for their printing and photocopying needs. Items must be saved to a USB drive as either a PDF or JPEG for this printer.

The Library has two book/document scanners that allow users to scan files and save them to a flash drive or send them to an email address. These scanners were programmed to send scanned documents to a “” email address. Therefore, Trexler Library cannot guarantee scanned documents will reach other email addresses and strongly recommends campus visitors save files to a flash drive. Please note, copyright guidelines all operate within the concept of fair use, described in detail within our Copyright Primer.

Trexler Library owns a Microfilm Scanner as a way to read archived newspapers and government documents that have been preserved as both microfilm and microfiche. Users are able to save/print captured frames viewed on the Microfilm Scanner. 

Collaborative Technologies

We recognize students, staff, and faculty have complex needs that offered require collaborative work, so Trexler Library tries to provide technology to make these tasks easier. B-Level houses both the One Button Studio and Collaboration Room that are frequently used in group settings. The One Button Studio is a unique space created to provide user-friendly video-making equipment for all skill levels. The Collaboration Room is a study space with technology designed to make group work more efficient and streamline screen sharing. Please see the One Button Studio Guide or the Collaboration Room Page for more information and to reserve these spaces as needed. Both rooms are open anytime the building is open. Priority for the Collaboration Room will be given to groups. Individuals may be asked to work elsewhere if there is a group waiting to use the room. Trexler Library also provides Collaboration Stations, which are mobile units that are designed to turn any space in the building into a collaborative one. The units may be moved anywhere in the Library.

Film Screenings

Whether it is for personal or academic purposes, please visit our Film Screening PageFilm Screening Page for the various ways to watch a video utilizing library resources.

Technology to Borrow

Trexler Library recognizes the complex and diverse needs of its patrons and is committed to acquiring the necessary materials to match those needs. Please visit our Technology to Borrow Page to see the plethora of equipment for students, staff, and faculty to borrow. 

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