Collection Development

Trexler Library is responsible for the collection and stewardship of scholarly and general interest materials which support the College's liberal arts education and lifelong learning mission. The collections are developed to serve the current students, faculty, and staff of the College Community. The Library selects resources for its collections primarily in support of the current and anticipated curriculum of the College, and secondarily in support of current and anticipated research needs as determined by available funding. Faculty members are encouraged to participate in the development of the library's collections by recommending new and out-of-print materials.

Departmental Allocations

A portion of the library’s allocation for books & monographs is distributed on an annual basis to each academic department. These funds are managed by your departmental liaison, in conversation with the librarian liaison, to purchase materials in support of:

  • all courses taught by members of that department, including interdisciplinary, FYS, and Capstone courses
  • major and minor subject areas taught by a department, with the recognition of the increasing interdisciplinary areas that include these topics
  • major and minor interdisciplinary programs (e.g., Women's Studies) overseen by a faculty member in that department

It is important to note that half of the distributed funds must be spent on books. The remainder may be spent on other formats such as audio-visual. Departmentally apportioned funds may not be spent on:

  • databases or other serials requiring a subscription
  • textbooks
  • course lectures

Departments are encouraged to suggest items outside this policy when matching funds can be provided. Please read the Collection Development Policy and Textbook and Course Lecture Materials Collecting Guideline for more information about the library's collection development program.

For details on the roles of librarian liaisons, departmental liaisons, and interdisciplinary program liaisons, please see the Liaison Program of Trexler Library: Role Description.

Parents' Fund

Additional funding is available from the Parents' Fund. This money is available to any full-time faculty member for purchasing materials in support of teaching a particular course, especially a new course. Application forms are distributed once a year, with the allocation of funds determined by the Library Committee. Please see the Parents' Fund Request Form for more information.

Helpful Selection Tools

Trexler Library subscribes to a number of tools that can assist you in selecting items for purchase. Your Librarian Liaison is available to answer questions, provide suggested materials, or help you to use any of these tools:

  • Choice Reviews Online
    • Choice offers monthly reviews of current undergraduate-level publications with topical bibliographies. Allows setup of personal profile enabling email notification of new reviews in your areas of interest. Allows creation of lists that can be emailed to departmental liaison for purchase.
    • Quick Start Guide for Choice Reviews
  • RCLweb
    • Resources for Colleges (RCL) is a highly selective, core list of 60,000 titles in all subjects. Includes books, CD-ROMs, databases, and websites. Allows creation of lists that can be emailed to departmental liaison for purchase.
    • Web Tutorials for RCL Web

How to Place an Order for Books or AV Materials

Requests to purchase materials should be sent to your Departmental Liaison who reviews the requests and forwards those approved to the Librarian Liaison.

Requests can be sent in any of several forms:

Any requests of particularly urgent instructional need can be labeled as a “rush” order. Please note if items are for Course Reserves.

Questions about collection development and purchase requests can be directed to your Departmental Liaison, your Librarian Liaison, or the Acquisitions Manager, Karen Gruber ( / 484-664-3570).

For more information consult these documents