Research is a process of exploration that requires both creativity and strategy.  Researchers must brainstorm the different ways that people may be discussing their topic of interest and the disciplines and avenues in which these conversations take place.  

Each database contains a different set of information; a search will be unsuccessful if not done in a relevant database.  Trexler Library provides access to over 100 databases, and librarians have created subject guides to help researchers identify the ones that will best support your work.  

Disciplinary Subject Guides (like History, Psychology, or Biology) will direct users to the databases selected for research in those disciplines.  There are also guides created for specific courses, which are listed on the left-hand side of the disciplinary subject guides. The guide titled Get Started with Library Research is a good place to begin if you need help with research basics– it lays out the research process and the language associated with information resources to allow researchers to make efficient use of their time.

The Trexler Library librarians are available to discuss any part of the research process, develop searches, and answer questions.

  • Trexler Library provides access to over 100 databases
  • Subject guides will help you identify databases to support your work
  • Some courses have specially developed guides
  • Contact librarians for help with the research process

Reviewed 2021