Suggesting a Purchase

Parent's Fund Application

Each year full-time faculty members are eligible to apply for funds on behalf of themselves, a program, an institute, or a department for the one-time purchase of books or AV materials (sorry, no serials). New faculty, or faculty developing a new course, are given top priority for these funds. In the spirit of collaboration, faculty may also choose to pair with colleagues to demonstrate the interdisciplinary applications for the requested materials. The Library Committee will allocate the Parents' Fund based on the rationale provided relative to the total pool of requests.

To apply, please send a bibliography with the items arranged in descending order of priority. The bibliography should contain your name and phone number, rank-ordering, a full citation, an ISBN Number, the price, and an indication if it is hardback (H), paperback (P), audio (A), or DVD (D). A price is required for each requested item as well as a total for the full request.

Include a brief rationale for why the Library Committee should allocate funds for this request. Your rationale should include answers to the following questions:

  • How will these items be used for your course/program(s)?
  • Who else might benefit from the purchase of these items?
  • Is there an interdisciplinary connection to the requested items?
  • Why you are unable to purchase these items through your departmental book budget?
  • Besides the Parents' Fund, what other funds are available in your organization for purchasing the items?

Once your application is complete, please notify Lindsay Liiro (

Application Deadline: April 2

Parents' Fund Application in GSuite, instructions are included in the application file.

Reviewed 2021

General Purchase Request

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To suggest a purchase, please use Trexler Library's Suggest a Purchase Form.

Reviewed 2021